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Air Freight

Master Cargo has a significant air power. We are able to offer veriety of solutions, fast deliveries on a regular basis, bargaining capability with airlines and tailored pricing. Shipping from any weight and size, to a variety of destinations in the world - Door to Door.


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About Us

In 2012, Master Cargo was founded by Deborah Neuberg and Eldad Cohen, in a relatively short time but with years of proven experience before the company was established, Master Cargo manages to provide its services with a deep understanding and recognition of customer needs and adaptation of services to it.

Master Cargo Specializes in the international freight industry and provides import and export services by air, sea and land - From every destination to any destination. In addition, Master Cargo leads a corporate customs clearance department, which accompanies and provides consulting services to its clients.

We see our clients as full partners, and therefore, our main target is always tp provide the best serivce, including - working on a fast schedule, constantly monitoring and providing 24/7 availability, while maintaining strong and stable human capital, innovation and technological advancement and a global standard of service. , Transparency and innovation.
Thus, we succeed in streamlining processes, lowering costs, and saving client expenses, while maintaining long-term trust-based partnerships and real-time results.

We invite you to read more about us , be exposed to our diverse service , and contact us at any time.

We'd be happy to be your partners on the road.
Master Cargo - to you and for you.

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Interested in getting a quote? Inquire about a service? Or maybe contact an existing service?
We will be happy to help you get the best service in minimum time.

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Ground Freight

Master Cargo operates a distribution and transportation network from all ports to all destinations in Israel. Storage in all types of warehouses, including bond warehouses, free warehouses, food warehouses, and more. We manage logistics network, from the receipt of goods in storage facilities to the distribution.


Consulting Services

Master Cargo provides professional cosulting in the field of shipping and customs clearance, accompanies the customer from the planning stage to the arrival of the shipment to the warehouse. Solving various and complex issues along the process, dealing with products, projects, and unique and challenging situations. 


Customs Clearance

Master Cargo operates a customs clearance department, a dedicated approvals, licenses, and standards department, and interacts with customs representatives at all ports. Its goal is to represent our customers and save them time and money dealings with the authorities.


Additional Services

Master Cargo was founded out of a real need for an efficient supply chain management and a desire to provide a variety of smart logistics solutions. In addition to our core services, Master Cargo operates a wide range of additional services for our customers.


Sea Freight

Master Cargo specializes in the transportation of a wide variety of sea freights, tailored to the customer's needs. We offer regular LCL (Less than Container Load) services from ports in Asia, Europe, and the United States; storage solutions, negotiations, and agreements with shipping companies.


Air Freight

Master Cargo has a significant air freight capacity. We are able to offer fast deliveries and cargo clearance on a regular basis, with the ability to negotiate with airlines and offer customized pricing to our customers. We deliver shipments of any weight or size to a variety of destinations around the world – door to door.


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