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Additional Services

One Stop Shop

Service, Transparency and Innovation

Master Cargo was founded out of a real need for efficient supply chain management and a desire to provide a variety of smart logistics solutions. Our company's extensive experience in the field allows us to provide services based on a deep understanding of customer needs and the customization of services to them.

In addition to our core services - air and sea freight, ground transportation, work with Amazon, customs clearance, and consulting services - Master Cargo operates a wide range of additional services.

One Stop Shop

  • Master Cargo operates an exclusive agent in Hong Kong, with representatives in all major Chinese ports. The East branch is familiar with the Israeli market in general and the needs of Israeli importers in particular.

  • AWB - As an international freight forwarder and registered consolidator with IATA, Master Cargo can issue AWB at any time.

  • Third-Party Shipments - Shipments of this type are handled from the supplier to the end customer, in accordance with the instructions of the Israeli customer and the terms of sale. Includes additional services: paperwork, storage, customs brokerage, insurance, collection and distribution, etc.

  • Advanced E-Commerce Shipping (B2C) - DDU shipments. Master Cargo has a variety of partnerships that allow it to transport cargo, including e-commerce cargo around the world.

  • Handling Transshipment (Shitaonim - Shipments that arrive in the country and immediately leave it without customs clearance) - Replacement of paperwork and issuance of original documents.

  • Conventional shipsA world-class standard for end-to-end shipping, with online tracking of the unloading process and real-time calculation of the average time of each crane.

World-class standards of service, transparency, and innovation

From its early days, Master Cargo has chosen to equip itself with the most advanced and reliable technologies in the industry, including Amitel Unifreight Cloud. Through these, we are able to provide efficient, intelligent, and calculated service to all of our customers.

The choice of these programs stems from a vision and understanding that the shipping world is constantly changing. One of these changes occurred in 2017, when the Global Gate system entered the field. At that time, Master Cargo was first to test the system in its pilot, and we have been working with it to this day.


Master Cargo specializes in the transportation of various types of cargo from a variety of industries, including: Agricultural products, aviation, security, tech, automotive, communications, fashion, pharma, agriculture, Hi-tech, consumer goods and many more.

Master Cargo has expertise and experience in handling complex projects, art, delicate equipment, chemicals, hazardous materials and more.


Importers and exporters, whether experienced or just starting out, you will receive the service tailored to you at Master Cargo. Together, we will develop a customized work plan and provide you with our best resources, with personal, professional, and meticulous treatment, an answer to any question, and uncompromising service 24/7 while preserving your personal interests.


Consulting Services

Master Cargo provides professional cosulting in the field of shipping and customs clearance, accompanies the customer from the planning stage to the arrival of the shipment to the warehouse. Solving various and complex issues along the process, dealing with products, projects, and unique and challenging situations. 


Ground Freight

Master Cargo operates a distribution and transportation network from all ports to all destinations in Israel. Storage in all types of warehouses, including bond warehouses, free warehouses, food warehouses, and more. We manage logistics network, from the receipt of goods in storage facilities to the distribution.


Air Freight

Master Cargo has a significant air freight capacity. We are able to offer fast deliveries and cargo clearance on a regular basis, with the ability to negotiate with airlines and offer customized pricing to our customers. We deliver shipments of any weight or size to a variety of destinations around the world – door to door.


Sea Freight

Master Cargo specializes in the transportation of a wide variety of sea freights, tailored to the customer's needs. We offer regular LCL (Less than Container Load) services from ports in Asia, Europe, and the United States; storage solutions, negotiations, and agreements with shipping companies.

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