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Ground Freight

Ground transportation, storage, and inventory management

Types of ground Freight

Master Cargo provides ground transportation services throughout Israel through strategic partnerships with some of the leading and most experienced companies in the Israeli land transportation industry. Our network of connections and partnerships with international corporations, along with our extensive experience, allows us to provide each customer with customized, cost-effective, and timely logistics solutions.

Ground transportation, storage, and inventory management

  • Logistics and transportation network, LCL land transportation from all ports to any destination in Israel - ports, warehouses, factories, logistics centers, or any other desired destination.

  • Real-time tracking and ensuring the arrival of goods on time as much as possible, even during peak periods and in times of crisis.

  • LCL freight pricing is calculated based on the package volume - weight (tons) and/or volume (m3). The above is calculated together with additional fees that are taken into account, including: Density fee, fuel fee, war fee, etc.

  • Storage in containers, in a bonded warehouse (guarantee), food warehouse approved by the Ministry of Health, and more.

  • Transportation of goods of various types through a wide logistics network and direct transportation from the container to the customer.

  • Unloading of containers, sorting and sorting of goods, and distribution at destination points.

    Broad insurance coverage - including insurance on goods in transit.

    A wide fleet of vehicles, trucks, and semi-trailers for transportation, to any destination and from any destination.

  • Drivers and staff who specialize in release of goods and their transportation from ports and warehouses, as well as in the collection of cargo for export and its storage at the desired port or terminal.

  • Quality control and compliance with standards, safety and professional training for employees.

Types of Ground Freight

  • Logistics transportation and storage solutions for cargo of all types and weights.

  • Freight for 20-ton and 40-ton containers.

  • License for the transportation of chemicals and hazardous materials, transportation of goods requiring refrigeration, such as agricultural products, food and beverage products, pharmaceuticals and more.

  • Land transportation with refrigeration and climate control.

  • Land transportation of hazardous materials and out-of-gauge cargo.

  • Freight with customs seals.

  • Freight in direct deliveries to ships.

  • Receipt of air cargo in direct delivery in the airside area of Ben Gurion Airport.

Master Cargo is available to assist with any inquiry, provide advice and guidance on various shipping matters. In terms of transportation, shipping services by sea and air, customs brokerage services and actions with government agencies, cargo storage and other logistics services - we are here to provide you with the most accessible and best service.


Additional Services

Master Cargo was founded out of a real need for an efficient supply chain management and a desire to provide a variety of smart logistics solutions. In addition to our core services, Master Cargo operates a wide range of additional services for our customers. 


Customs Clearance

Master Cargo operates a customs clearance department, a dedicated approvals, licenses, and standards department, and interacts with customs representatives at all ports. Its goal is to represent our customers and save them time and money dealings with the authorities.


Air  Freight

Master Cargo has a significant air freight capacity. We are able to offer fast deliveries and cargo clearance on a regular basis, with the ability to negotiate with airlines and offer customized pricing to our customers. We deliver shipments of any weight or size to a variety of destinations around the world – door to door.


Sea Freight

Master Cargo specializes in the transportation of a wide variety of sea freights, tailored to the customer's needs. We offer regular LCL (Less than Container Load) services from ports in Asia, Europe, and the United States; storage solutions, negotiations, and agreements with shipping companies.

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