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About Master Cargo

About us

Added Values


Innovation and Tech

Service, Transparency and Innovation

Master Cargo is a leading international logistics provider headquartered in Shoham, Central Region, Israel. Founded in 2012 by Dvora Newberg (of blessed memory) and Eldad Cohen, Master Cargo is committed to providing its customers with efficient and innovative logistics solutions.

Master Cargo specializes in the international shipping industry and provides global import and export services by air, sea, and land; leads an in-house customs brokerage department, accompanies, and provides consulting services to its customers.

Master Cargo serves a wide range of customers, including businesses of all sizes, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. The company has a proven track record of success in delivering high-quality logistics services to customers around the world, including:  Agricultural products, aviation, defense and security, technology, automotive, communications, fashion, pharma, agriculture, Hi-Tech and consumer goods, as well as expertise in handling complex projects, art, delicate equipment, chemicals, hazardous materials, and more.

Master Cargo sees its customers as its partners, and therefore always keeps in mind a number of key parameters for streamlining processes and providing efficient, smart solutions, including:

  • Working on a fast schedule with ongoing updates, 24/7 availability.

  • Monitoring customer costs, identifying parameters for cost reduction and financial savings.

  • Investment and development in advanced technological systems to provide real time date, careful documentation and archived paperwork.

  • Customs Clearance department handling licenses, permits, the SII and more.

The Cornerstones of a Successful Supply Chain

Our Vision

We believe that it is possible and necessary to operate a business based on genuine love and passion for our profession, love for people, ideas, innovation, and collaboration.

Our Experience

With years of experience and a commitment to timely delivery, fair prices, strong industry partnerships, and stable buying power, we are proud to offer our customers peace of mind, financial support, and a variety of solutions to meet their needs.

Human Capital

With a wide network of carefully selected agents, Master Cargo combines experienced and seasoned employees with young team members whose goal is to turn knowledge into a profession. Together, we are able to maintain professionalism and high standards of work, alongside freshness, out-of-the-box thinking and flexibility in providing creative solutions at all times. We are committed to uncompromising service and personal attention with the customer.

Innovation and technological progress

From its early days, Master Cargo have chosen to equip itself with the most advanced technologies in the industry and the most reliable computing programs, including Amitel Unifreight Cloude. Through those, we are able to provide efficient, intelligent and thoughtful service to all our customers, 24/7, anywhere in the world.

The choice of these programs stems from a vision and understanding that the shipping industry is constantly changing. One of these changes occurred in 2017, when the Global Gate system was introduced. At the time, we were the first to test the system in the pilot phase.

Global Standard of Service, Transparency and Innovation

Whether you are a seasoned importer or exporter or just starting out, you will receive the service tailored to your needs at Master Cargo.

What is the best way? The fastest way? How to save costs? We are here to answer these questions for you. Together, we will develop a customized plan and provide you with our best resources, with personal, professional, and meticulous attention, addressing all your needs, uncompromising service, while maintaining integrity, ethics, and your personal interests.


We don't see you as a customer - We see you as our partner.

Master Cargo


Dvora Newberg

Founder & CEO, 2012-2024

Dvora Newberg, of blessed memory, oprated as the manager and expert of the Customs Brokerage department. Her joyfull spirit and creativity led her to implement innovative solutions for clients' customs needs.

Eldad Cohen

Founder & CEO

Demonstrated leadership and strategic vision. Leads global agent relations, mentors and guides importers to improve profitability, product planning, and pricing using financial tools.

Full Cycle Services


Ground Freight

Master Cargo operates a distribution and transportation network from all ports to all destinations in Israel. Storage in all types of warehouses, including bond warehouses, free warehouses, food warehouses, and more. We manage logistics network, from the receipt of goods in storage facilities to the distribution.


Consulting Services

Master Cargo provides professional cosulting in the field of shipping and customs clearance, accompanies the customer from the planning stage to the arrival of the shipment to the warehouse. Solving various and complex issues along the process, dealing with products, projects, and unique and challenging situations. 


Customs Clearance

Master Cargo operates a customs clearance department, a dedicated approvals, licenses, and standards department, and interacts with customs representatives at all ports. Its goal is to represent our customers and save them time and money dealings with the authorities.


Additional Services

Master Cargo was founded out of a real need for an efficient supply chain management and a desire to provide a variety of smart logistics solutions. In addition to our core services, Master Cargo operates a wide range of additional services for our customers.


Sea Freight

Master Cargo specializes in the transportation of a wide variety of sea freights, tailored to the customer's needs. We offer regular LCL (Less than Container Load) services from ports in Asia, Europe, and the United States; storage solutions, negotiations, and agreements with shipping companies.


Air Freight

Master Cargo has a significant air freight capacity. We are able to offer fast deliveries and cargo clearance on a regular basis, with the ability to negotiate with airlines and offer customized pricing to our customers. We deliver shipments of any weight or size to a variety of destinations around the world – door to door.

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