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What is "Customs Power of Attorney - Global Gate" and How to Fill it Out? The Complete Guide

Customs Documentation Basics for Importers.

In early January 2018, as part of a significant initiative under the "Global Gate" project, all customs systems were replaced with a new-generation system, the "Global Gate" system. The new system is cloud-based, replacing manual document submission and focusing on online, digitally signed documents. The goal of the new system is to improve the level of service for all foreign trade customers and to comply with the standards and agreements to which the State of Israel is a party, by virtue of its membership in international trade organizations.

Global Gate: Israel's New Customs System

The new computerized platform of the Israeli Customs Authority for managing Israel's foreign trade is designed to consolidate all relevant authorities, including government ministries, the Standards Institute, airlines/shipping companies/ports/warehouses, etc., under a single system with immediate access to information databases.

Global Gate is a cloud-based system that operates online using electronic messages, while transitioning to the use of digitally signed documents (Paperless) and reducing all documents (supplier invoice, preference documents, etc.) by scanning and sending them digitally. The Power of Attorney and importer declarations processes have also been changed – as they are created and broadcasted online to the Customs system. The system is designed to improve the level of service to the importer and to comply with the most advanced standards.

Please note: Original documents that were previously submitted to the Customs Authority will remain in the possession of importers. Importers are required to prepare and keep original import documents for a period of seven years for the purpose of comprehensive inspections and audits by the tax authorities.

What is a Customs Power of Attorney and Why Do You Need It?

A customs power of attorney, also known as a letter of authorization to a customs agent (customs form 165), is a document that grants a customs agent the authority to represent the importer/exporter to the Customs Authority and to handle import and export shipments, or to perform any other action on behalf of the importer.

In the absence of a valid customs power of attorney, the Global Gate system will not allow the submission of an import declaration or export declaration by the customs agent, and will not allow Master Cargo to act as your customs agent in order to continue to represent you to the authorities.

How to Fill Out a Customs Power of Attorney

There are two ways to fill out and submit the form to customs:

1. For importers with a smart card:

  • Log in to the online form and fill out the required information. (Full guide is provided below.)

2. For importers without a smart card or electronic signature:

  • Follow these steps:

    • Log in to the online form and fill out the required information (only pages 1-5).

    • Print the document with the completed information. Sign and stamp the printed document in the required places.

    • Verify the signature with one of our Master Cargo representatives. We will submit the document to customs using our electronic signature card.

To issue a smart card, you can contact two companies in Israel:

מדריך מילוי ייפוי כח למכס - שער עולמי

שלב 1

שלב 2

שלב 3

שלב 4

שלב 5

שלב 6

יבואן ללא כרטיס חכם

יש למלא את כל השלבים כרגיל עד שלב 5 ולסמן "אימות על ידי המרשה ומשלוח הטופס חתום דיגיטלית על-ידו"

שלב 5

שלב 6

מעוניינים בשיחת ייעוץ? התקשרו לטלפון: 073-7108600 או השאירו פרטיכם בתיבת הפניות בעמוד.

כאן לשירותכם, מסטר קרגו.


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